The critical importance of effective communication in coordinating a multi-agency major incident response


Join Chris Ullah, a recently retired Police Superintendent from the UK who will share with you his knowledge and experience of dealing with such incidents and how organisations are successfully increasing their resilience and averting crises. Ullah is BlackBerry’s CEM Evangelist who works globally with the emergency services, public sector bodies and private organisations to replace or enhance their communications solutions by introducing BlackBerry’s CEM solution, AtHoc. His main focus has been to ensure organisations form part of a critical communications network. Not only is BlackBerry AtHoc used at times of crisis, but Ullah has ensured that organisations utilise the solution on a daily basis so that it becomes part of their business as usual – realising huge efficiency gains.

“Think about tomorrow, today”: The undeniable importance of court considerations for law enforcement officers


In this session, Brian Lass will preface the undeniable importance of court considerations for law enforcement officers, including (but not limited to) myths about an officer’s role in court, items of evidentiary consideration during an investigation, creating a Prima Facie Case, the officer’s role vs. the prosecutor’s role, and the court process itself (including officer testimony).