Community Policing

Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) is a shared responsibility between the community and the police. However, community policing requires the advancement of collaborative partnerships and innovative approaches to meet the demands of today’s challenging environment. The presentation will focus on leading this change through the consideration of innovative and technological tools to enhance the Public Safety sector’s contributions for safe and healthy communities.

Enhanced interoperability and cross agency communications.

Police and public safety leaders need to be able to communicate seamlessly during times of critical incidents. The more agencies and support entities that can be brought into direct communication the better the situational awareness of the leadership cadre. Large incidents require unified communications between partners to ensure officer safety as well as public safety, and to contribute to better outcomes. Through the use of technology the objective of bringing disparate communications platforms into an integrated encrypted system can be achieved.

Conspiracy Theories

Dr. Peter Collins will be speaking on the rise of conspiracy theories in today’s society, and its impact on policing in Canada.