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Bringing Data to the Frontline: PSBN+ NG911
Speaker: Deputy Chief Nishan (Nish) Duraiappah

Halton Regional Police Service is ready for Next Generation 911. The service has teamed up with Motorola to commission Canada’s first public safety LTE (Long-Term Evolution) wireless network, a network for first responders. Deputy Chief Nishan (Nish) Duraiappah will speak to these advancements with LTE and how the service is moving a variety of data sets to officers in the field (video, images, etc.). He will also touch on how such a network has facilitated more collaboration across municipalities and what makes this model the next evolution of applying community safety.
Session Two
Speaker: Peter Collins
Awards Presentation
  • Best Dressed Police Vehicle Award Presentation
  • Police Leadership Award Presentation
  • Lifetime Law Enforcement Achievement Award Presentation
How to Prevent Burnout in Frontline Workers: Perform Optimally on Any Shift Schedule
Speaker: Andi Clark

Burnout in frontline workers is becoming a crisis, resulting in more sick days taken, cases left open longer, less calls answered, higher potential for injury on duty, officer shortage, lower station moral and more...

Immense measures have been taken to support frontline workers on the mental health side.

Andi will speak about shift work and other stress triggers frontline workers face on the job, giving action steps that commanding officers and frontline workers can implement right away without any additional cost to help prevent the following physical signs of burnout:
  • Insomnia, tired and wired, waking mid sleep
  • Exhaustion: mentally and physically
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Bursts of anger and mood swings
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Brain fog, poor concentration and poor memory
  • And the inability to cope with smaller stressors
Combating Human Trafficking, Organ Trafficking, Elder Abuse and Fentanyl: A Public/Private Sector Approach
Speaker: Cameron Field

Cameron Field will speak on a growing trend in police/private sector partnerships relating to public safety issues facing Canadians. With the emergence of such high-profile crimes as human and organ trafficking, elder abuse and illicit fentanyl, drastic steps were taken to align law enforcement, the banking sector and financial regulators.

Field will highlight examples of police/bank/regulator partnerships that have made a lasting impact on the safety of Canadians. Through official information sharing channels, regulatory filings and intelligence sharing, concrete steps have been taken to address these issues from an intelligence-lead posture. With the growing demands placed on law enforcement, these partnerships are now more important than ever, as the criminal element becomes better equipped, transnational, more sophisticated and better resourced. Field will discuss information sharing and the state of leveraging data for public good within these frameworks.
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