Steven Poplawski

Director of Step Training Inc.

Having worked in law enforcement, training and security for over 25 years, Steven has considerable experience in dealing in conflict resolution, the management of people’s emotions, facilitation and adult education. Working as a certified police trainer and facilitator, he has developed a clearly decisive methodology in the teaching of practical skills as they relate to training, de-escalation, stress management, communication and validation. This material has been delivered both internationally and locally to professional organizations and people, including U.S. federal agencies, large municipalities, corporations and university students.

In response to a need for on-going professional training outside my specific police service, STEP Training Inc. was developed. Dedicated to providing training and education to both law enforcement agencies and private industry, programs were designed and highly skilled trainers brought in. This company has grown, and now includes many international partnerships with law enforcement agencies around the world. Applied research in areas of education, facilitation and de-escalation are on-going, and articles are frequently published.

Steven is dedicated to the development of real skills and training methodologies that meet the demands and public scrutiny of modern society.
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